about the scandi look Ulla Kloster

Hi there and thank you for dropping by. This is my blog The Scandi Look, which is not about being tall or blonde. The blog is about being cool with whatever you’ve got – regardless of age, colour, size or where you live.

As a Dane abroad, I write about beauty, fashion and lifestyle from a Scandi point of view. Hopefully, I’ll be able to show you how to make the most of what you have as naturally as possible.

And I’m no beauty expert. I studied beauty culture at a fabulous beauty college in London’s Mayfair some 35 years ago. And I know what’s worked for me over the last 40 years and that is my expertise.

I’m not a huge fan of surgery or anything invasive. I really think we are all much prettier than we think.

Thing is, unless we start early with a good beauty routine it doesn’t really matter how many expensive products or procedures we go through thereafter.

But I’m all for helping nature along a little. I’ll feature Scandi beauty routines and products, as well as fashion to make us look and feel good. And Scandinavia has produced an impressive range of beauty brands to chose from.

Shelf upon shelf in department stores are filled with fabulous home brands which focus on good health and are sustainably produced. And the packaging is super stylish and, of course, minimalist.

About The Scandi Look – Less is more

In the Nordic countries we like simplicity and understatement, so rather than hiding behind “war paint” I prefer to really look after my skin. And as a trained beautician (years ago in London’s Mayfair) I have a few tips which I think haven’t been improved on – despite the enormous advances in beauty high tech.

So I started theScandiLook.com in 2021 and draw on my time growing up in Denmark as well as my time at beauty college and working in fashion.

Those who are familiar with Nordic culture already know our mantra is “less is more”. Scandinavia is famously minimalist. Ostentatiousness is frowned upon and lots of make up or surgery is a little….. well, desperate.

This blog features tips on how to create simple beauty regimes, products we like and how to appreciate and make the most of what you have – that’s the Scandi Look. I hope you’ll find some of my ideas useful, wherever you are.