Five Health Drinks to make your Skin Glow

five health drinks for skin glow carrot watermelon celery

Who doesn’t love a glass healthy, fruity and veggie packed drink to make us feel better? And although one carrot juice today is not going to turn our skin from good to spotless overnight, a regular shot of super charged health juice does help us stay looking younger for longer. So here are our five health drinks for skin glow – which will also help save money on concealers…

In fact, we’d say a juicer that blends good fruits and vegetables is one of the best beauty investment you could make to help give a natural boost to your looks.

five health drinks for skin glow carrot

here are so many fabulous smoothies for sale, but it can be difficult to tell the truly healthy ones from those full of sugar and other stuff. When you make your own health drink you know what’s in it and can pick and chose the best ingredients.

Not that we’re great fans of all things organic, but some fruits and vegetables really do taste better when organic. We’ve found there’s a massive difference between organic and ordinary carrots….organic carrots any time. They’re tastier and more juicy.

But as with anything, moderation and variation are key. The amount of home made smoothies have to be tempered with a healthy diet of other nutrients we need. Our absolute go to juice is the tried and tested carrot juice, made from organic carrots…

Mixing them up is the best way to get the most and healthiest result from your home made health drinks and to stop boredom setting in… It is an effort to make health drinks, but the result is worth it, so might as well make them delicious at the same time.

Our five health drinks for skin glow: #1

Freshly squeezed carrot juice is the easiest health drink to make. Easy to source and to squeeze/blend. So sought after is carrot juice that you can buy a bottle in most shops – but some of those drinks do appear rather thin may have been thinned with water or perhaps not quite freshly squeezed.

Investing in a proper blender just to get guaranteed fresh organic carrot juice is worth it. Lots of vitamin A which helps protect the skin from UV rays and with it help delay the signs of agening.

Beware, carrots are so efficcient at making your skin glow that too many of them freshly squeezed are too much of a good thing will give your skin a slight yellow-orange glow.

#2 How Carrot & Beetroot Juice help the Skin

This is our favourite – the perfect health bomb, particularly the two combined. A near-full glass of newly blended, organic carrots with two shots of blended, organic beetroots….amazing. Together they brim with nutrients: filling you with fibre, iron, vitamin C, vitamin A.

However, pure organic blended beetroot is less fabulous (to us, at any rate). It’s harsh and drying on the throat, oddly, even though it tastes great, with a strong sweet, healthy flavour. The colour is a frightening dark red which is virtually impossible to remove if spilt on clothing.

#3 Spinach & Avocado Juice improves the Skin

After carrots, spinach is our favourite ingredient. It’s bursting with vitamin A, C, calcium and iron so much so that some consider it a bit of a miracle vegetable… Apart from that it complements more fruity ingredients perfectly.

Vitamin A is good for the skin, like in carrots, protecting agains UV rays from the sun. And it packed with antioxidants which fight skin problems including breakouts. It’s a fabulously healthy veggie, and great filler

ingredient, if not hugely tasty.  

Pop it in the mixer with a super ripe avocado and some orange to add sweetness. Ginger gives the drink extra bite. Here is a super receipt for our favourite summer health booster:


Recipe: One glass of Spinach and Avocado juice from the mixer

  • A handful of spinach leaves
  • One small, very ripe avocado
  • One satsuma mandarin
  • Half a lemon
  • A touch of ginger
  • A cup of oatmilk
  • Add spring water according to how strong or weak you like your health drink
#4 Effects of Carrot & Celery Juice on the Skin

A pet hate as a child…still, we have to include celery for its brilliant health factor – and the way it offsets the sweetness of carrot juice perfectly. Celery is almost 95% water which makes it ultra hydrating – exactly what our skin craves. It really is top of of our list of five health drinks for skin glow – but for the taste.

It also contains vitamin A, which protects our skin from damaging UV rays and generally helps the digestive system which ultimately helps our skin. The slightly bitter taste offsets the sweetness of carrots beautifully and creates a carrot juice with a twist. Blend it 80/20 in favour of carrot juice and enjoy a massive, natural liquid beauty boost!

Last of five health drinks for skin glow: Watermelon

Speak of hydration, speak of five health drinks for skin glow: watermelon is the ultimate hydrating drink – the trick is to find one that you really like the taste of. Our favourite is the large red melon which is super sweet and works so well with yoghurt that the two comebined have become our go-to pudding when in a rush: a half bowl of blueberry yoghurt topped with lots of pre-packed red watermelon cubes straight off the shelf.

But buy a large organic red melon, also called the citrullus lanatus, cut it open and scrape out the pink flesh and put it in the blender. Simply add your favourite yoghurt, according to how thick you like your drink, and mix. Pour into a glass and add seeds on top or blackberries/strawberries or your other favourite fruits.

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