How to avoid Lines under your Eyes

Fine lines can be disguised with foundation and concealers but sometimes that could just make it worse. It certainly will in the long run. And all too often we, particularly younger women in a rush, apply makeup on the train or bus on their way to work without proper care shown to the fine skin under their eyes – here are our top tips on how to avoid lines under your eyes.

Super busy, in a rush and thinking of the day ahead, we’re busily rubbing products into the delicate skin under our eyes. By doing so, ironically, we soften the elasticity of the outer layers of the skin and ensure the lines and wrinkles appear sooner rather than later. The skin under the eyes is the one area where we should take extra care to preserve it.

Fine Lines: First signs of ageing

It’s the first area on our body to show the ageing process. The first ultra think lines start to appear already in our early 20s and by our 30s they’re bedded in. In our 40s they get increasingly difficult to cover up and in our 50s we rather have the skin we deserve.

Other factors enhance the ageing process such as smoking, which narrows blood vessels in your face and deprives the skin of vitamin A. Lack of sleep, an unhealthy diet and general state of our health also affects the skin. But we can slow down the process by not rubbing the skin.

avoid lines under your eyes - make up brushes

The skin consists of several layers which all have a different function in the renewal process. The subcutaneous layer, the dermis and then there is the epidermis on top. The epidermal layer is what we see: the colour, texture and glow. As cells reproduce older cells migrate to the surface epidermal layer where they die and leave our skin looking tired. We can do two things to slow that process: cover it up with make up or treat our skin with care.

Avoid lines under your eyes – how to apply make

The skin under the eyes is extremely fine and sensitive. Any signs of tiredness, lack of vitamins, dehydration and other issues often show up here as dark circles. It’s very few who are lucky enough to never have to cover up a little – at least after a late night out. But if you can’t rub concealer into your skin, how?

Dab the skin under your eyes gently with the tip of an index or ring finger. With quick touches (not strokes), gently ‘push’ the concealer onto the skin and repeat if it’s not enough. It’s a slower process and possibly frustrating at the beginning when you’re in a rush to get to work. But after a while it will come naturally and the old habit of rubbing will be truly gone. And in the longer run it will have proved worth it as your skin retains it’s elasticity.

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