How to look fresher longer: my serum addiction

serum addict

Heaven knows I could do with some “ironing out” of the forehead and those laughter lines around the eyes. But the thought of a needle spewing out liquid and/or chemicals inside my skin fills me with dread. So instead, I’ve become a serum addict. I have a dozen serums and they have helped me look fresher.

There are so many fabulous serums on the market it’s difficult to know where to start. Anything gel product in the sale catches my eye. The last serum I bought was the Hydra Genius aloe water get by L’Oreal.


My absolute favourites – a serum addiction

The best one I ever bought was Chanel’s hydra gel. In my view, it’s unbeatable but also expensive. Creme de la Mer has brought out a gel, but that is so pricey I have only ever tried it once, at the department store counter.

It’s divine, but once is not enough to determine how effective it is. I can imagine it’s amazing, given the fabulousness of the face moisturiser. Just for the record: this is not a sponsored post. I’ve bought every product and are not affiliated with any brands.

How to look fresher: serum addiction helps nourish and soothe skin

But back to my serum collection and recent purchases. The Genius by L’Oreal is my current go to gel. It feels fresh and super nourishing on the skin. It penetrates the skin almost instantly and smells fabulous and clean.

how to look fresher

The Genius hydrates the skin beautifully, giving it that feeling of freshness – which is why it’s proper name is actually Hydra Genius, Aloe Water.

It’s great value for money and, as it’s on offer atm, it also makes the perfect little hostess present – not just to women of a certain age who need a boost to the skin. But also as a gift to younger women, who need to start looking after their skin to help it stay fresh looking longer.

There’s another L’Oreal serum on my shelf: it’s the Midnight Serum. Used under the eyes immediately after cleansing (in still mineral water). This serum appears a little creamier than the Genius and feels comfortable on the delicate area under the eyes.

Another top tip for staying looking younger for longer: add a coat of Vaceline

As soon as the serum has penetrated the skin I apply my usual Olay moisturizer on top – a single drop under each eye. And after that I dap gently with a finger som Vaceline as a protective top coat.

My third favourite serum at the moment is RoC’s Correxion Hydrate capsules. The liquid inside these capsules is really special, a treat on the skin. And because of those small rubbery capsules which you twist to break, they are also perfect for travelling.

A week-long holiday means seven capsules instead of a large bottle of serum.

Why some of us are serum addicts: fear of the needle and what it does

There are many, many serums now on the shelves – not least because I think many women, like me, feel reluctant to go under the knife or the syringe. We wonder how to look fresher but without having to pump our faces with unknown substances. Why, when drops of liquid will do? It leaves no scars or unpleasant side effects.

However, not all serums are free of side effects. Some simply don’t work at all, and others are very strong. It is a case of trial and error. But before using for the first time, I’d test on the inside of your wrist first to check for unpleasant reactions.

Watch out for side effects: Not all serums are as innocent as they look

Yet, there was one serum, which shall remain nameless, but the word “intense” is part of its brand. Indeed, but minutes after applying it under my eyes they started itching and watering. I could barely keep them open. I had to clean my face all over again, using a different serum under my eyes so that they would calm down and I could see again.

The mistake was not to test this liquid on a different part of the body – but you live and learn.

How to get a serum bargain: brands are competing for customers

Enjoy the ever growing market in serums. It is booming at the moment as we all search for pain-free ways of how to look fresher. Look out for deals as the big brands are competing heavily with eachother on price in order to win you over and get you to come back for more. In other words, they might turn you into a serum addict too.

Lots of brands, including the top brands, are slashing prices in half to get you hooked. Now is a good time to stock up on your favourite serum brands before the market settles, if it ever will….

Here are the top five serums on my shelf
  • RoC Multi Correxion Caplules, hydrater + repulper
  • L’Oreal Hydra Geniusm aloe water
  • Neutrogena Hydro Boost
  • L’Oreal Midnight Serum
  • Sanctuary Spa Wet skin Radiance Jelly, sparingly on the cheeks and forehead

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