How to shine up your Face in gloomy February

Jan and Feb

Isn’t February just the most miserable month of the year if you live this side of the Equator (north)? Not only is there a lull after all the Christmas and New Year excitement, but also it’s cold and summer seems such as long time away. Shine up your face and skin that has already suffered months of autumn and winter weather!

But the lull of January – blank pages in the diary means more nights in – is also an opportunity to experiment a little: trying new colours and going a little crazy with the eye liner(s)…

Forget Blue Mondays, freezing temperatures and dark evenings and let’s start preparing for spring get togethers and summer parties. After two years of lockdowns, we have plenty of catching up to do.

A Time and a Place for going overboard

At theScandiLook we’re all in favour of a little overboard at this time with look-at-me make up and fashion. If ever there was a time to experiement and have fun in the process, this winter is it..

Starting sensibly we like to make our eyes stand out: I’m a huge fan of Clinique’s Dark Chocolate 04 lash power mascara which is super easy to cleanse off. It comes off easily in warm water wihtout the slightest smearing.

To boost the mascara, try Clinique’s liquid eyeliner – just on the top eye lid.

Those of us who look a little drained in the dark winter months know nothing brings our face back to life quite like layers of mascara and darkly defined eyelids. We steer away from eyeliner under the eyes which can be quite over the top.

Let your face come to light with Blusher

Dark eyeshadow with mascara and eyeliner on our winter face can look rather ghostly – particularly on those with a pale complexion – as there’s less melanin in our skin. In January and February the sun hasn’t had the chance to work those UVA rays on our layers this year (those of us in the northern hemisphere – it’s the other way round south of Equator).

Subtle browns and greens for work or casual get togethers and for more fun filled events we’re all for glitter shadows which can add that extra sparkle to our eyes.

A touch of blusher helps make our face look as if blood circulation has returned… very, very lightly on the cheekbone for a healthy, romantic look. Or apply, if your face needs structuring, the blusher under your cheekbones closer to the top of your ears.

Sparingly though: A huge amount of blusher makes you look fierce and heavily made up (ie a little desperate) rather than the natural you are or could be.

What colours to pick for the cheeks? There are a million and one blushers on the market in different colours, shades, and with a variety of special effects…shine, glitter etc….

Beauty hack before 30 - mascara

Shine up your face – shift the mood with Lipstick

Does anyone wear lipstick in January? Or February? If you’re looking to up the stakes with a winter pout, add a little gloss or a red colour to divert attention away from the tell tale look in your eyes.

They say it’s either eye makeup or lipstick never both… Indeed, but if you need time to try out different looks then now is the time. Unlike shadow or mascara, lipstick is high maintenance since most of it wears off relatively quickly, sticking to cups of tea or … through kissing!

It’s not particularly practical at work, having to top up repeatedly and … who are we trying to impress – unless our job specifically requires it.

But for some people lucky enough, their lips are among their better features so why not celebrate? In my experience, lipliners used as lipstick give the most long-lasting red.

I’m partial to MaxFactor’s Colour Elixir Lip Liner #10 Red Poppy. It stays….for quite a while and looks natural, giving colour to your face without looking too ‘party’.

Covering up dark circles with Foundation

Foundation is perhaps needed in Jan/Feb (or Jul/Aug depending on your location) more than at any other time of year. And what a labyrinthian mystery it is to find the right tone and texture.

Thankfully, today there is a foundation for every skin type and colour, but the texture is trial and error. When you find a shade that suits, ask for a small sample bottle of your chosen foundation because it’s only through ‘test driving’ it you discover if it feels right on your skin.

And when you do find the perfect match, make a note of the name and number. So many new products land on the shelves all the time it is easy to shine up your face but lose track and not be able to find the same one again. 

How to apply Foundation

It is almost easier to explain how not to apply foundation: less is more, ensure it fades out naturally along the hairline (no lines visible where the foundation ends and the natural skin colour starts).

Foundation under the eyes may hide dark circles but it is also likely to enhance any lines… How I apply foundation is quite basic but it works for me: a think layer on the chin to even out colour, around the nose, on the bridge of the nose, very lightly under the eyes by the nose (not under the entire eye, only to hide signs of tiredness) between the brows.

It is not a full face foundation which – in my view – is too mask-like. The patches of foundation do a good job of covering up imperfections – perfect coverage, knocking out every single blemish really does the opposite of what it aims to do by making you look like a dummy in a shop window.

I favour translucent foundation that hides the winter blues while allowing the skin to breath and look as natural as possible.


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