Kate and Mary in the Fashion Capital

Kate and Mary

They look so much alike with their long dark hair, model figures and a shared sense of understated glamour. So Kate and Mary in the fashion capital takes a look at the two style queens during their official engagements in Copenhagen.

Comparisons are inevitable – but they also share an interest in child welfare and education. Kate has three children while Mary has four. And children are very much at the centre of Kate’s official solo visit to the Danish capital.

Both women were outsiders when they met their husbands, the future kings of England and Denmark. And both have matured into their roles with grace and plain hard work.

Both are now trendsetters with a taste for mixing and matching the expensive with the cheaper street style. Scandinavian understatement is a by-word in their wardrobes and lifestyles.

Kate and Mary
Pull-out from the Daily Mail newspaper

An unlikely royal fashion trend: the Dory coat

On the surface it looks as if the Duchess of Cambridge has adopted a Scandi look with her simple, clean cut outfits. But she often picks British designers with an almost Nordic aesthetic. She regularly wears British designer Emilia Wickstead’s minimal A-line dresses – as indeed does Mary.

But pop over to the Daily Mail newspaper which wrote about the two princesses’ shared style in the run up to the Royal top meeting. Their article shows incredible pictures, revealing just how similar their working wardrobes are.

In Copenhagen the Duchess met with childcare specialists in Copenhagen – Denmark is known for its progressive education – and the visit was therefore a serious working visit.

But both she and Princess Mary have been royals long enough to know their appearance matters. All eyes will be on every detail of their appearance, analysing and imitating them – from clothes to make up and hair. So Kate and Mary in the Fashion Capital raised temperatures among fashionistas – some say they both play it safe while others applaud their preference for understatement.

It isn’t their role to put themselves centre of attention. They aim to highlight the cause they support. But that isn’t how it works, of course. So both steer clear of forward fashion or a look that might shout “look at me” and detract from their charity.

But while fashion pieces on the Scandi runways may appeal to most of us, there is one pice the two royals are not likely to be spotted in. It’s the Dory coat which has become fashionista’s dream of the moment: the Dory coat. See it here.

Alexandra Shulman on Kate and Mary in the Fashion Capital

The two royals, along with their stylists and advisers, have developed a wardrobe that is easy to wear. It looks great in pictures. And both are experts at mixing expensive with affordable, thereby making them more relevant to 2022.

Former Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman provides her fashion expertise with a little help from us on the turning of Princess Mary from a Sydney luxury estate agency employee into a future Queen of Denmark.

Read the article in full here.

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