Post Lockdown: How to Face the World again

face the world again

Optimism is in the air, things have changed. Lockdown is over and we’re free. Gosh! Today, looking back at our beauty post from the start of 2021, it seems little has changed. But as we face the world again things will have to change.

We’ve had another year of stop/start, of being locked down and then set free (almost) again – but this year really has to be our return to normal – or if not that, at least when learn to live with health risks and viruses. So, in preparation for a very busy and social 2022, we are storming ahead with a beauty regime to make us ready to literally face the world again.

It’s not all about how we look, but how we feel

Some people with a crystal ball are predicting financial armageddon – no ski holidays for some this year, indeed some will have a tough time financially as a direct or indirect result of Covid 19 – but the one thing we must do is look after ourselves: A healthy lifestyle and caring for our skin (no not the needle, but a proper, simple and affordable beauty regime).

Months and months of hiding behind masks will inspire some of us to make up for lost time….we’re keen to look our best ever and our crystal ball tells us beauty products will fly off the shelves.

Happily, at DU we’re not overly focused on how we LOOK – for us it’s more about how we feel in our own skin. We are OK with not always looking straight out of a glossy magazine or a Hollywood production. When we re-emerge to socialise again, for good, we just have to Feel good and look healthy. So cleansers, moisturisers, the odd concealer, a little mascara and – when we really want to go to town – a little lipstick will do.

A concealer is the perfect answer to how face the world again – in the short term. It covers uneven skin tones, minor blemishes and as a replacement for full scale foundation covering the entire face. There are many amazing concealers on the market in different strengths and tones. After a long lockdown we’ll need it to cover those “indoor” circles under our eyes. Here are some ideas…

Face the world again: How to use concealers

Concealers are the easiest tools in the make up box: remove the top, twist the stick to push up the brush, click the bottom a few times (varies according to the brand) in order to push the concealer into the brush, and apply onto the skin. Simply cover the spots on your face that need concealing the most such as under the eyes, around the nose and the chin.

The older your are the more uneven your skin tone will be which means you may need to cover patches on the cheeks and on the forehead also. Very little is needed, if you buy a good one. Brush gently and then even out the creme gently with your fingertips. And be careful under the eyes where the skin is thin – rubbing it will slacked over time and create premature lines and wrinkles.

Top of the shopping list when facing friends?

What’s the first thing you bought when the shops reoped? A sensible cleanser or a fantastic new look-at-me eye shadow! Or lipstick! What’s your priority? You know us…we just want to look after our own skin. Our cleanser vanished from the shelf during lockdown but has made its way back to the shops slowly over the last year.

We also need a mascara to help us look wide awake – and to bring back life to the face that hasn’t seen much sun or outdoor daylight in the last few months.

They say you either wear mascara or lipstick…never both. True, very un-Scandinavian. So, with us, in the battle between lipstick and mascara, mascara always wins. We’d rather draw attention to our eyes than to our mouth.

Some of us have enjoyed the ‘holiday’ from the beauty counters – but experts predict we’ll all want to celebrate our freedom with lots of colour.

What is life worth if we can’t have a little fun and paint our faces. We need positive drama and ways of expressing and spoiling ourselves now so let’s splash out – on colour as well as lots of spring water and quality cleansers….


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