How to know if you have too much makeup on

Princess of Wales makeup

It seems today you can’t pile enough foundation and shadow on your face – the more the merrier, indeed. But whatever TikTokkers and Instagrammers say, you can actually end up looking ridiculous. Here is how to know if you’ve over done it – like the Princess of Wales with too much makeup.

The short answer is: you know when you’ve over-done it when you look in the mirror and feel “something isn’t quite right”. Take a good look at yourself and you’ll know instantly if your eyes don’t quite look like your own eyes – or your cheeks are too rosy.

If you feel something is wrong, it’s probably because something is…

The new Princess of Wales seems keen on kohl eyeliner

What inspired me to write this piece is none other than the new Princess of Wales, the former Kate Middleton. She is perfect in her role as crown princess and never puts a foot wrong. But for some reason she seems overly keen on the kohl eye liner and shadows. Just too much makeup. And those eyebrows.

Perhaps it’s the knowledge that she is being photographed wherever she goes. The camera is unkind and unless you have a solid foundation and your eyes are clearly marked, your face can look washed out.

But sometimes her eyes look overly made up – the eyeliner acting as a “corrector”. It seems the liner draws her eyes in directions they don’t appear naturally. The exaggerated uplift at the edge… Here she is pictured in the Daily Mail newspaper at the Cenotaph to commemorate soldiers in the world wars.

Her face looks painted. It doesn’t enhance her natural prettiness, rather it disguises it. This eyeliner is too much and ages her. Desperate and unnecessary measure.

How much eyeliner should you use?

There are no rules – but lining the upper lid only and not the lower lid gives a more natural look. And perhaps try not to change the shape of the eyes. Many women pull the line sharply up at the outer corner to give their eyes a more catlike look.

This is what the new Princess of Wales appears to have done before attending the annual Memorial service. The eyeliner is even pulled upwards before the natural curve of her eyelids end. That just look strange and fake.

The trick hasn’t improved her looks. In fact, it looks fake and, dare I say it, a little desperate. Granted, she is one of the world’s most most photographed women and doubtless want to put on a good show. But she’s got it wrong. She looks overly made-up.

That said: I’ve seen cases where someone has lined their eyes sharply upper and lower lid with black kohl liner and managing to look good, interesting and individual. That’s perhaps why it’s so interesting to play with eyeliner – so many different options and opportunities to look good! And equally many opportunities to get it wrong!

What is the test to see if you have too much makeup on?

Makeup is such an individual thing – there are few do’s and don’ts…. However, the real test is, I think, how you feel. And you’ll know the second you look properly in the mirror – is there something “not quite right”? Do you feel a bit awkward, uncomfortable, wondering what others may think when they see you?

If so, you’ve probably been rather over-generous with the liner, blusher or lipstick. Which leads me to the other golden rule: focus on either the eyes or the lips – not both? In other words, you either sharply define your eyes OR you let the lips stand out with a good red colour.

The same principle applies: heavy eyeliner and mascara as well as hot red lips is often frowned upon. It’s a little desperate. Yet again, rules are there to be broken and beauty trends move.

Some people manage to produce the right look with lots of makeup – but that’s quite few. Most of us ought to tread carefully with those liners and paint brushes in order to enhance our looks rather than ruin them.

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