Face Gel now: Sanctuary Spa Radiance Jelly

Sanctuary Spa's Wet Skin Radiance Jelly

If I can’t find a Scandi beauty product (as I live abroad) I buy the next best thing. It’ll be something minimal, clean, a tried-and-tested ‘foreign brand I know. But sometimes I take a chance – and this summer I found my new gel of the month: the Sanctuary Spa’s Wet Skin Radiance Jelly.

Completely by chance I spotted it on Boots the chemist’s ‘reduced to clear’ shelf. And as I love face gels and reduced price products what was not to like about this one? And it’s a Sanctuary Spa product – a brilliant British brand.

The oddest thing is though – it’s not a face gel, but it works. The label says to not use it on the face, and I don’t know why. Because it works wonders on even my fine skin.

Taking a chance on non-Scandi – Sanctuary Spa’s Wet Skin Radiance Jelly

I don’t regret for a moment taking a chance – it really is a wonder product, in my case. Unfortunately, I don’t see it on the Sanctuary Spa product pages anymore and it’s been removed from Boots too, so perhaps it’s not so easy to get hold of anymore. However, it is sold on Amazon here….

What is so brilliant about it – enough to make it my number two beauty product after Chanel’s Hydra Beauty Micro Sérum? Well, when you reach a certain age – some time after 35 – you need an extra boost to help your skin to look…radiant.

And this jelly does it well. And it costs only around £10 | $12 for 200ml | 6.7 fl oz – whereas the supremely amazing Chanel sérum is £72 | $87 for 30ml | 1 fl oz. For 200ml of Chanel’s serum you’d pay nearly £480 | $582.

Having said that, there is in my view not a serum (and I’ve tried a few) that matches Chanel’s micro hydrading gel….

How to use the radiance jelly

Back to why the Sanctuary Spa’s Wet Skin Radiance Jelly is so brilliant in my opinion. I use the jelly every night after a shower and cleansing. To read more about how to cleanse your face read our blog How to Cleanse Your Face in Springwater here. Once I’ve wiped my face of cleanser with springwater, I add the wet skin jelly across my face (except under my eyes where I use other products), while the skins is still wet.

You only need a couple of drops to cover one side of the face.

Leave the jelly on for a minute or two and then use Oil of Olay moisturiser on top. The feeling is fab! And it can’t be a coincidence that the skin looks great the next day.

The jelly locks in moisture and on the tube it says how it does it, using a special moisture technology with: supercharged hyaluronic acid duo and exfoliating natural AHA fruit extracts and brightening vitamin B3.

The tube also says the fragrance is watermelon. Now that the jelly has a lovely light fragrance is clear, but I wouldn’t have guessed watermelon…

Watch out for reduced-price beauty products

I’m loving this beauty product and it’s worth every penny. I snapped it up because it was in the ‘reduced’ section and thought: for a tenner what’s not to like. But it probably landed there by mistake, because it’s about a tenner online…in fact less…. Still, the Sanctuary Spa’s Wet Skin Radiance Jelly was one of the luckiest mistakes I’ve made in some time.

After just two to three months I can see and feel the difference. I’m very much into gels and serums as they benefit skin “above a certain age” and have tried many. But this gel really is super!

I should also add, this is not a sponsored post – I’m not connected to the Sanctuary, and what I write is entirely my own experience.

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